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J. Hohn

Perhaps. It falls to us to get the truth out and educate people, because they will not do it themselves and the existing power structure has a vested interest in keeping people ignorant.

I'm actually hoping we go over the fiscal cliff. The return to pre-Bush taxation will show the truth. The Bush cuts were incredibly progressive, and letting them expire will get more people with skin in the game by raising taxes on those who contribute little to nothing.

There's no natural limit to what we will request in transfers from others to ourselves. The only limit is making "them" into "us" by getting more people on the tax rolls, actually contributing something. when only 40% of people actually pay in more than they get out, you have a big problem.


The sad part of this is found in the fact that the MSM willfully ignores the facts and thusly, contributes to the economic ignorance of the electorate. I wish I could state I had confidence in the American people, but I'm no longer confident. Covetousness and greed are currently ruling the day. Americans are whistling in the grave yard while their nation's grave is being dug right in front of them. I think I hear the fat lady rehearsing for her grand finale.

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