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J. Hohn

I wish it was. We have a real problem here, and the root of it is really simple: the Federal Government is abdicating the rule of law-- the same rule of law that is THE core foundational element of Western democracies and distinguished our society more than anything else from tin-pot dictatorships the world over.

The Obama administration is electing NOT to enforce the law. This is a direct violation of the President's oath of office, in which he SWORE that he would "Take care that the laws be faithfully executed."

This puts Arizona in a tight spot that would be obviated if the Federal Government obeyed the law. What relief have they?

The problem is that there is tension between preserving the Federalism that defines the roles of state vs federal governments on the one hand and the state's responsibility to its people.

All of which would be moot if we didn't have a lawless President. Tin pot dictatorship is here in principle, hopefully we can change course before it arrives in reality.

Erin Leland

You are of the opinion that the constitution, itself, is not a bright enough line?

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