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Here is the the issue I think most are having with Mitt. NO PASSION! Comes across as a celluloid, thin, actor who has only learned the script. Santorum is the kid in the classroom who has his hand up in the air screaming "I know the answer, call on me". Newt is the passionate nutty professor where Ron Paul is the crazy uncle. If Mitt want to complete with Newt, get busy explaining your vision. Newt has written books, researched ideas and has a vast reserve of knowledge whereas Mitt appears to have studied and written to run for President. If we agree that those who don't know their history are destined to repeat it, then electing a morally flawed, but knowledgable man may be our best bet. I personally have trended towards Mitt, but his tax release answers and his milqtoast answers have me wondering if he has the mettle to be commander in chief. I LIKE the fight in Mitt and his knowledge.

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