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Another factor to be considered in the news that the released BC was able to be "taken apart" by Adobe Illustrator, thus proving it is not a copy and thought a forgery by some. I am of the opinion that if this BC copy is a computer generated item, it is very possible that those "elements" that make up the BC are going to appear as they appear, because a computer is NOT a copier and would handle the assembly of this differently. If the image used by the computer was an electronic copy of the original, then there should be only ONE element, not several. So, the question is how did the computer generate the BC copy. In most cases, electronic storage of copied documents usually are single element items. Hawaii usually will not provide a "copy" of the original, but a computer generated long form, however there is a news story that says Hawaii made two photocopies for the President, who then must have had a PDF made of the photocopy, so, why are there so many elements within the PDF? I'm confused! News story referenced is at http://www.google.com/hostednews/ap/article/ALeqM5hcGXaLPmEU4PddT3Z8NEx1YxMdZw?docId=e75516363b7a46ae8db695a459c363ca

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